Cataract Facts You Should Know

Age can take a toll on your eyes, making you more prone to eye conditions and diseases like cataracts. Cataracts are a common eye condition among seniors, although they can affect young adults and even children. Left untreated, cataracts will slowly impair your vision, leading to eventual blindness. If you suspect you may have cataracts, see your Oviedo eye doctor at The Eye Avenue for a checkup. After a thorough examination, your optometry specialist will diagnose your condition and recommend steps to correct your vision.

Cataract Symptoms

Cataracts don’t appear overnight. They generally take years to develop, with vision changes occurring very slowly over the course of time. Without an examination from your optometry specialist, you may never know you have cataracts until you start experiencing vision loss.

Haziness or cloudiness over the lens of your eye may be your first sign that something is amiss with your vision. From there, you may experience a yellowish tinge in your line of vision, making it difficult to focus. You may become more sensitive to glare or bright lights and see halos around lights, particularly at night. This can make for unsafe driving. In time, you may develop double vision and be unable to distinguish colors. The final stage, without treatment, is blindness.

Through routine eye exams at The Eye Avenue, you can catch this condition in its early stages and take steps to slow down its progression. Regular eye care is key to protecting and preserving your sight.

Risk Factors for Cataracts

As cataracts are an age-related condition, seniors are most at risk. You can, however, have cataracts at any age, even at the newborn stage. People with myopia and diabetes are high risk for developing cataracts as are people who have high blood pressure or a history of eye issues. If you smoke, use steroids frequently, abuse alcohol or are obese, you also increase your risk of developing this condition.

Cataract Treatment

Mild symptoms of cataracts can be managed with prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses to improve your vision. As your vision deteriorates and you have trouble seeing well enough to perform daily tasks, your Oviedo eye care specialist may recommend surgery. Cataract surgery is a safe, effective and fairly common procedure today with successful results. Your eye doctor will operate on one eye at a time so you’ll have sight during the healing process.

Visit The Eye Avenue for Cataract Diagnosis and Treatment

To schedule an eye exam for cataract diagnosis, visit The Eye Avenue at 935 Oviedo Blvd., Suite 1007, Oviedo, FL, 32765, today. Our comprehensive eye exam will give you a clear picture of your eye health and visual acuity to include diagnosis of cataracts and any other eye disease or condition.

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